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Signature Shirts - A Trasured Keepsake for Graduates
Company Information

We have been supplying schools since 1978 and have hundreds of satisfied customers. At one time, we offered many different items to schools. However, today "Graduation Signature Shirts" is pretty much all we do. It accounts for over 90% of our business, and we do them all over the country. We have become pretty efficient offering these shirts, and receive emails often from customers telling me how stress free we make the process. We also work with our customers when they are looking for an upbeat theme for the graduates, or even for the entire school.


"Kind is the new cool" is an example of that. It's a real positive message for all. We do it in a one color print, and up to a five color print. Other themes I've done: "It's fun to be good;" and "Work Hard, Be Nice".

Kind is the new cool
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