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Signature Shirts - A Trasured Keepsake for Graduates
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Signature Shirt?
The reproduction of the actual signatures of a graduating class. 

How does it work?
The process is very easy! All the graduates do is sign the template that I supply you with. They sign the template just once!  The pen is provided, plus there is a return envelope, and order form for your convenience. When I receive the signed template back, I will add your school name. I can also add your mascot to any graduation shirt.

Online Store:

If you're 100% virtual, we might be able to set up an online store for the parents to order a shirt for their child.  The shirt would have all of the names of the graduates in a typeset format.  The parents could pay online.


Why go with us?
Since 1978, it's always been the special signing templates we give our customers, and the free keepsake plaques, which separate us from a local supplier. It's why many of my customers just think of me for graduation shirts, and keep everything else locally. I hope your school might consider doing that also.

Do I need to send payment with the order?
It's always nice when my customers enclose a check in the packet, when it is returned. If there is no check I would just send you an invoice.

What are your color choices on the shirts?
Go to the home page, and just click on " VIEW SHIRT COLORS". I have more colors available if you don't find what you're looking for, including neon colors.

What imprint color can I put on my white Signature Shirt?
Although you are signing the signature board in black, you can choose any good contrasting color for your tees.  (Navy, Royal, Red, Dark Green, Kelly, Purple, and many other exciting colors.)  Many customers choose their school colors as the imprint color.

When can I expect delivery?
You can expect delivery within 4 weeks of receiving your order.

Can you tell me more about signature plaques?
The plaques are not for sale, but if you order 48 or more T-shirts, I will give it to you for FREE. Most of my customers keep the plaque at school to display the graduating classes, year after year. Some give it to the principal as a gift. Others actually offer it at their annual auction. I have customers who routinely get over $150.00 for the plaque at their auction. It's hard to explain it, but the parents of the graduates "go crazy" over the plaque. Let the bidding begin!

Do you offer other items?
At one time, I offered many different items to schools. However, today "Graduation Signature Shirts" is pretty much all I do. It accounts for over 90% of our business. I have become pretty efficient offering these shirts, and receive emails often from customers telling me how stress free I make the process.

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